Motorsports Types

Published: 19th December 2008
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Car racing is among the most popular extreme sports ever watched on television or viewed live from the race tracks. Many people are into it because of the adrenalin rush it gives and the fulfillment of winning after a challenging car race.

Motorsports or automobile racing can be dated back to the time when petro-fueled vehicles were created. The first recorded auto race was held on April 28, 1887 that covered the distance of Neuilly Bridge up to the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, France.

With the birth of car racing, came the different types of motorsports. There are several categories in this type of extreme sports. Here are those:

Single-seater racing
In this kind of race, cars are designed for high-speed racing. You have uncovered wheels, and front and rear aerofoil wings. The aerofoil wings serve as your downforce while providing better adhesion to the track.

Touring Car Racing
This is a rather more exciting type of motorsports. It involves full-contact racing between cars. The automobiles have very narrow speed differentials among them, while working on large grids.

Production Car Racing
Showroom stock, as known the US, production car racing is comprised of restricted racing rules. This is mainly meant to reduce cost. It is very economical, as compared to other motorsport types.

Stock Car Racing
Stock car racing boasts of large audience viewership, especially in the US. The game is usually held on ovals for cars that look a lot like production cars. These are normally purpose-built racing vehicles that are created to tight specifications. NASCAR is the largest, most well-known governing body of stock car racing.

Rallying is another well-known automobile racing category. The cars race on public roads closed for the race. Sometimes off-road areas can serve as venues for rallying. V8 Drive race cars can be used for rallying motorsports.

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